Manufacturing AUTOMATION

Glossary Terms
Terms that are used on the Manufacturing Automation website


An electromagnetic feedback transducer providing an analog voltage signal proportional to rotational speed.


Timer/Counter Access Terminal.


Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. A transport layer protocol and a network layer protocol developed by the Department of Defense. This is a commonly used combination for communication within networks and across internetworks.


Any operator interface used to communicate with a computer from a remote location.


A load connected to the end of a transmission line. To avoid signal reflections, it must match the characteristic impedance of the line.

Thread speed

A fixed usually adjustable low speed supplied to provide a convenient method of loading and threading machines. May also be called a preset speed.


The rate at which equipment processes or transmits data.

Thumb-wheel switch

A multi-position rotary switch with a sprocket that is stepped forward or backward by using a finger or thumb to rotate it.

TNS field

Transaction field. A 16-bit field that indicates which message transaction is taking place.


To switch alternately between 2 possible selections.

Toggle switch

A lever-action 2-position switch that snaps into either position.


1) A transmission from the present bus master that grants bus mastership to a station. Mastership is required for a station to originate communication. 2) The logical right to initiate communication.


An instrument used to perform a task or to display collected data. For example; graphs, charts, diagrams, questionnaires, etc.


A turning or twisting force that tends to produce rotation.

Total Quality Management

A systematic customer focused approach to continuous performance improvement. A philosophy and set of guiding principles which represent the foundation for continuously improving the organization through employee involvement. The application of quantitative methods and human resources to improve the materials and services supplied to and by an organization and all the processes within the organization and the degree to which the needs of the customer are met. The integration of fundamental management techniques, existing improvement efforts, and technical tools, under a disciplined approach to focus on continuous improvement.

Touch screen

A CRT screen with which an operator can interact by touching icons displayed on the screen, rather than through a keyboard or mouse


A device that converts signals from one physical form to another.


A momentary deviation in an electrical or mechanical system.

Turn-around time

The time it takes a communication module to receive, interpret, act upon, and reply to an incoming message.

Turnkey system

An application satisfied completely by delivering and installing a system that is ready to operate.

Twinaxial cable

A transmission line made up of a twisted pair of insulated conductors centered inside and insolated from a conductive shield.