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Netzer introduces new multi-turn rotary encoder

February 27, 2024
By Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Photo: Electromate

Netzer has released the new VLM-60 multi-turn, hollow shaft absolute rotary encoder. According to an Electromate press statement, the product is suitable for smooth and continuous production with limited space.

The VLM-60 multi-turn encoder from Netzer is a low profile, hollow shaft absolute rotary encoder. It is designed for use in multi-axis machinery, servo motors machine tools or robots, and process machine manufacturing.

A 17-bit single-plus-15-bit multi-turn resolution reportedly ensures smooth and continuous production since the master reads the multi-turn positions from the encoder both at start-up and throughout the operation. In case of a power outage or a machine shutdown, Netzer’s VLM-60 maintains the multi-turn absolute position by utilizing an internal battery or an external power source, notes Electromate.

Features include:

  • 17 bit single + 15-bit multi-turn resolution
  • Low profile (<8 mm)
  • High resolution and precision
  • Hollow shaft
  • Adaptable resolution
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions
  • Magnetic fields immunity

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