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New industrial automation book: The Everyman’s Guide to EtherNet/IP

March 4, 2019
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

March 4, 2019 – John S. Rinaldi, founder of Real Time Automation and an expert in industrial automation, has released a new book on the EtherNet/IP automation protocol.

The Everyman’s Guide to EtherNet/IP: The Industry’s Leading Automation Protocol is Rinaldi’s seventh book on industrial automation and covers common questions from control engineers and system integrators, including whether EtherNet/IP is an IoT transport protocol, comparisons between EtherNet/IP and PROFINET IO, the assembly object class, interactions with DeviceNet, and more. 

“It’s the story of how and why EtherNet/IP was conceived and its rise to dominance in the automation world,” says Rinaldi. “It’s also a real-world, hands-on handbook for the technology and how it relates to other technologies like Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO and the rest.”

EtherNet/IP is widely used in manufacturing, but, Rinaldi says, isn’t necessarily standard knowledge to everyone on the factory floor. 


The Everyman’s Guide to EtherNetI/P: The Industry’s Leading Automation Protocol is available on Amazon.

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