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OCTOPUZ partners with RobotWorx to offer offline robotic programming

February 11, 2020
By Manufacturing AUTOMATION

OCTOPUZ, an Ontario-based offline robotic programming company, is partnering with the Ohio-based robotic integrator RobotWorx to offer its software to RobotWorx customers.

OCTOPUZ enables complex robot programming to be completed virtually, on a computer, while the robots are still online and working.

Users create detailed virtual simulations of their real-world cells containing single or multiple robots, complete with machinery and manufacturing components, in minutes.

Within this virtual cell, OCTOPUZ uses built-in machine logic to automatically identify the optimal toolpath trajectory and program the required code for a multitude of industrial tasks.


The code is then accurately converted to the robot brand’s unique language for use in the real world. No expert programming knowledge is required.

The software will quickly resolve potential toolpath errors including singularities, joint limits, reach limits and collisions. It will also ensure the robot will perform tasks as expected through start-to-finish simulation.

For more on OCTOPUZ’ technology, read our Q&A with co-founder Rob House.

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