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Garant, the Quebec-based tool manufacturer, celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2020: #mfg #manufacturing

Keeping employees safe can be a source of savings for companies by limiting production downtime, reducing worker time off for injuries and avoiding ministry reviews. The key is to track and use meaningful data to enhance workplace #safety. Some tips: #mfg

Congrats to @Build_ADream, stars of our recent cover story, on receiving $728K from feds to expand their skilled trades career expos for female students! 🌟🤖 #mfg #manufacturing #automation #AutomationInCanada

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Car Wash Brushes
Associated Industrial Brush Co. Ltd.

Associated Industrial Brush’s car wash brushes are of superior quality and durability. We manufacture our brushes to fit all manufacturers’ ...

Electromechanical Components
Wainbee Limited

Many types of electromechanical components are available from Wainbee limited. Just a few of our products include actuators, sensors, gear motors, and m...

Conditioners, Signal
Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

We distribute signal conditioners that provide a wide range of functionality for your business. Each individual component in your machinery requires uni...

PTFE Expansion Joints
Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) can provide PTFE expansion joints. These spool-type flexible couplings can compensate for movement and reduce...

Electro/Hydraulic Valves
Wainbee Limited

Electro hydraulic solenoid valves of many types are available from Wainbee Limited. Our wide selection includes many options for styles, capabilities, a...

Pollution Measuring Instruments
Arjay Engineering Ltd.

We supply a wide range of instruments for measuring pollution. We have a variety of sensor transmitters, monitors, controls, and alarms for detecting ga...